6320 Oakleaf Ave

6320 Oakleaf Ave, Baltimore, MD 21215

About 6320 Oakleaf Ave

Located in Northwest Baltimore City, 6320 Oakleaf sits close to the city/county line, in a thriving area. The property sits on approximately one acre of land and is improved by a 40,000 square foot commercial warehouse.  From the day it was built approximately 70 years ago it has been used as a beverage manufacturing plant.

Blue Ocean acquired the property from HR Nicholson Co. – a 3rd generation beverage business. At the time HR was experiencing financial difficulties and came to Blue Ocean looking to sell their real estate and enter into a lease back agreement. Seeing the growth of the local market, Blue Ocean accepted the proposal and purchased the property.

Since that time HR filed for bankruptcy protection and had their assets purchased by a much larger beverage company by the name of Clement Pappas. Clement has since operated the facility.