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What Can I Say – “Home Sweet Home !!!”
The Falls At Roland Park is my 4th address in my life of 57 years and I chose it deliberately because I was looking for many years or residency here. I’m approaching 5 years of living here and I was one of the first get a renovated apartment when it was managed by Harbor Group. I was very impressed and put a deposit down at the initial viewing. Now that there’s a new management company, Blue Ocean, I am even more impressed. I thought my apartment home was most updated, but they have bought in designers where the new renovations are clean, chic and cutting edge that rival brand new buildings going up in the area – taking into consideration that Belvedere Towers prestige has been around for quite some time. Until the final final renovations are completed, I too have experienced the growing pains that are necessary for the end results. Sure I’ve heard the hammers banging, large trucks blocking me in, bulk hauling of old appliances to make room for the new sparkling stainless steel ones and albeit to most unsettling. To me these are signs of how a management company is taking action toward being concerned that its residents have the updated and a refreshed living experience. From beautifully appointed common area decor, resident-residing hallways, to widening the complimentary parking lot spaces, and having community events to mingle with our neighbors has ranked Blue Ocean as progressive and relating. Enough of the cosmetics, allow me to address the staff. The growing pains of staffing The Falls At Roland Park could not have been an easy task and I’ve seen a couple come and go. But now I think the oil is mixing with the vinegar. The Front Office Property Manager & Assistant Manager are the most compassionate the professional members (and funny as heck too) that get the job done regardless of how they are pulled in the many different directions during this massive renovation. And not to mention the Maintenance & Custodial Staff – these guys/gals I don’t think get too much of a break because you consistently see them doing their duties as well as being the liaisons between construction crews and keeping us the residents happy with our comings and goings. So with that being said – when I come home to my spacious apartment home and take pride in the Lobby I walk into, pull my packages from the automated Parcel system, being greeted with an hello from the staff and up until I turn my key to walk into what I call “Home.” I’m so happy to be here !!!

Anonymous Resident

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ArachnidWorks, Inc.
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