Dee is very helpful and she is such a beautiful person. When ever I’m in need she always makes
sure my issues are addressed.

IvoryStrawberry Hill

Absolutely excited about the new management team. They’re so pleasant when I walk into the
office. They have responded quickly with my maintenance issues that the other management
team ignored. And I am happy that you kept a few of the maintenance staff, they have always
been pleasant unlike the old office staff.

DipikaThe Homes of Towne Plaza

I have been a resident of The London House for eleven years. The maintenance department is
superb, and the office’s Property Managers are outstanding. They both make me feel like I am a
valued resident, and issues of concern are dealt with in a timely manner. I especially appreciate
the performance of Wednesday, Irina, Stephanie, and Jessica, they all work beyond and above
their job descriptions. They are all empathetic and professional when assisting residents with any
problem. I have recommended living here to family and friends.

PamelaLondon House

This leasing office is like family to my company. You can always go in for a laugh or a conversation.
I’ve had multiple offices in this building for 5 years and I don’t have a bad word to say
regarding them. If you not living or renting a office here you should definitely consider it, stop in
Suite 1 to ask me in person!

RashodKnightsbridge Apartments

My property manager is very courteous and she gets things done. She is a pleasure to be around
and she always keep good snacks in the office, she is one of the reasons that I renewed my lease.

SherylStrawberry Hill

Dee is a pleasure to work with she goes above and beyond for me and all the other residents.
Whatever you do please keep Dee here at Strawberry with us.

WilliamStrawberry Hill

Dee is a wonderful person and she helps me in numerous ways because I can’t get around like I
use to. She makes sure my trash is taken out and if I need anything if she is not too busy she is
here an happy to help. She is a great person and she is a even better manager.

ShirleyStrawberry Hill

Best apartment management and maintenance team that I have ever experienced (my first
appointment). The staff is truly exceptional and caring. The community that Milford Station
provides is safe and their floor plans are lovely. I am pleased with the outcome of my apartment
search. I would recommend those who are looking to move out on their own for the first time to
strongly consider Milford Station. Ask to speak to Mr. Darryl Henry! Mr. Henry has proven to an
indomitable employee for Milford Station concerning those are seeking a new place of residence.
My experience to date has been nothing short of amazing and awesome. I plan to do an exit
review next year after my departure (contingent upon rent rates and work placement).

MichaelMilford Station

I lived in The Hanover Apartment Homes for about 4yrs going on 5. I gave noticed and I actually
packed all my things to move out last year and when I started on the last room…. I changed my
mind! I found a condo for rent in a great area here in greenbelt. But as time came near for me to
move out, I realized that Lisa made a great difference in choosing between living at The Hanover
and that condo in greenbelt. Everywhere I looked I just couldn’t find the right staff that I had at
The Hanover. Warm welcoming staff even after 4yrs of living there!!! Time changed, some
people changed but not their warm welcoming style….it remained the same…. And to be honest
Lisa has been the front line of your business since forever. She is always happy, up beat which a
lot of us residents need at times, she never show or make us feel that she is better then us, she is
very business wise, on point with maintenance tickets and she keeps the property clean. So I
unpacked and called Lisa to see if I can resend my notice to stay at The Hanover…. where I
mattered as a resident and a person. She does her work with her heart, truth, honor and she has
great loyalty to your company. What she does for 1 she does for all! It is hard to find a dedicated
worker that display all requirements to earn a spot on one of the best communities I have ever
lived in. Thank you Blue Ocean for having such a wonderful person on your team….And let’s not
forget… it takes an army to run that place…every one who is new from the Property Manager
and any new staff that was hired doing the new company take over they came in with open arms
and is ready to put their heart to work to maintain one of the best properties in Greenbelt!
Lisa you have done an amazing job keeping that place together until everyone got in place. Thank
Thank you Blue Ocean for help making my life peaceful at The Hanover and I will continue to bring
people in to live at this wonderful community.

LaureseThe Hanover Apartments

Ms. Dee’s attitude, energy and attitude was fabulous during my property tour today! This played
a huge part in me choosing to submit my application today!

YvetteStrawberry Hill