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Great Tips for Keeping Your Apartment Organized
06 Dec 2017

If you are living in a Baltimore apartment which is a bit short on space, keeping yourself organized is essential to maintaining your sanity. No matter if you’re in Pikesville, Catonsville, or other nearby areas, a messy apartment will always feel smaller than one which is neat and tidy. Of course, keeping your living space organized is not always an easy task, especially when trying to keep up with a busy schedule. To help you stay nicely organized day after day, we have assembled some helpful tips below.

No Dishes in the Sink

The kitchen is a common place for a mess to develop. It happens innocently enough – you finish your meal, place your dishes in the sink, and relax on the couch to watch your favorite show. Pretty soon, it is time to head to bed and the dishes are still sitting there. What didn’t seem like a big deal will be frustrating in the morning when you don’t have room to make breakfast. Stay ahead of the game by always rinsing your dishes immediately after you finish eating. This will only take a moment of your time, and it will go a long way toward keeping you organized.

Avoid a Mail Pile

We all get plenty of mail on a daily basis – most of which, we don’t need. In fact, if you conduct most of your personal business online, you may not get anything in the mail that is actually important. Still, you will pick it up each day and you may let it accumulate on the counter or table. Break this habit by immediately sorting the mail and tossing out whatever you don’t need.

Reduce Your Number of Possessions

If you took a look around your apartment right now, it is a safe bet that there would be at least a few things that you don’t need, and won’t need at any point in the future. You don’t have to throw away everything you own – you should obviously keep items that are important to you in some way – but reducing your total number of possessions is a great way to turn down the clutter. You can simply toss out old items that are worthless, or you can donate items to a charity if you think someone will have a use for them.

Invest in a File Box

Even if you aren’t running your own business, you will still have some paperwork that you need to keep for the long-term. Things like medical papers, tax information, warranty documents, and other records are important to keep safe. Pick up a file box that you can use to maintain these records without leaving them strewn all over the apartment. Not only will this reduce your level of clutter, but it will also make your documents easier to find when you need them.

Keeping your apartment organized really comes down to taking a series of small but important steps. Washing your plate right after dinner might not seem like a big thing at the time, for example, but it is a valuable piece of the bigger puzzle. Good luck leading a clutter-free life!