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How to Decorate an Apartment While on a Budget
04 Oct 2017

If you have just moved into an apartment near Baltimore, MD, you are probably excited to decorate the space to match your tastes perfectly. Of course, that can be a little tricky when you are on a budget. After all, you just had to spend some money to get moved in, so there might not be much left at the end of the month.

Fortunately, it is possible to decorate your apartment while sticking to a strict budget. To help you get started, we have compiled the tips listed below.

Rugs Are a Great Start

When living in an apartment, throw rugs are an excellent option to add color and comfort without spending too much money. There isn’t any installation involved with a throw rug – just set it down in the right spot – and they can add some valuable protection for your floors. Most home improvement stores carry a variety of rugs to pick from, and you can find them at some department stores as well.

The Right Furniture

If you need to purchase furniture for your apartment, you will want to think long and hard about what that furniture needs to do. Space is limited in the average apartment, meaning, you might have to consider something like a sofa that converts into a bed, or at least a living room table that can double as a place to eat dinner. Even if you are on a tight budget, you should still be able to track down affordable pieces, either at a discount retailer or online through various classified listings sites.

Make Some Art

This is one of the best ways to upgrade the look of your place for almost no investment at all. You can buy canvases to paint in your favorite colors for very little money, and you will get to show off your creative side. Not in the mood to do the work yourself? Wall decals are another option, as they are removable and easy to put up in just minutes. In addition to adding art to the walls, a mirror or two might make the space feel bigger.

The Small Touches

Sometimes, the biggest impact you will be able to make on a space is through the smallest touches. Things like throw pillows, tabletop picture frames, or even a nice blanket to keep out on the couch can all pick up the mood in your apartment. Additionally, you may be able to use an indoor plant or two to add a fresh and relaxing element to the décor.

In the end, decorating an apartment is all about finding the balance between highlighting your tastes and managing your budget. You don’t want to put too much into a place that you don’t own, but you also want it to feel like home. Take some time to shop around for good deals, measure carefully so you don’t overwhelm your space, and always check with the landlord if you have a question regarding what is and isn’t allowed. Have fun!