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BLINGO! Fundraising Event is a Winner
02 Jul 2020

Though it didn’t go how anyone expected at first planning, the BLINGO! event that we were honored to sponsor was a real winner! Because of COVID-19, the games had to be held virtually, but that didn’t hinder the excitement. Zoom was the perfect platform to bring everyone together for fun, fundraising, and BLING!

Virtual BLINGO! took place over four nights from June 15–18, with about fifty participants spanning five games each night! The first four games included bling prizes and the final game of every night had a prize of $100 in cash.

This wonderful event was held not only to offer an enjoyable time for participants, but to raise funds for Marian House. We would like to offer our sincerest gratitude to our fellow sponsors who generously donated to this great cause!

About Marian House:
Marian House is a holistic, healing community for women and their children who are in need of housing and support services. They provide a safe, sober, and loving environment that challenges women to respect and love themselves, confront emotional and socioeconomic barriers, and transition to stable and independent lives. Marian House strengthens our society by unlocking the potential found within the women they serve. Since its founding, Marian House has become known as a leading organization providing high quality rehabilitative services to women coming out of the prison system. Over the past 37 years, Marian House has served over 2,600 women and has continuously modified its program to achieve strong, lasting results. Over the years the Marian House Transitional Housing Program has grown from accommodating 14 women to now being able to serve 55 women at any given time.