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Blue Ocean Works With Climeworks To Actively Reduce Emissions and Carbon Footprint

Blue Ocean is always seeking the best ways to support our communities and causes that have meaningful impact. Through our BlueCares charitable giving and volunteer initiatives, we are focused on uplifting vulnerable populations, caring for youth and veterans, promoting equality and better education, and offering healing. As part of our growing focus on caring for the environment around us, Blue Ocean has been exploring ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We understand that CO2 emissions are the greatest contributor to global warming and a very real threat to our planet. 

We are pleased to partner with Climeworks, an environmental protection organization that removes CO2 from the air and stores it safely underground so it no longer poses an environmental danger. Climeworks has created a technology known as “direct air capture” which actively captures carbon dioxide in the air. The captured CO2 is then moved to a storage plant, known as Orca, where it is turned to stone through a naturally occurring process known as rapid mineralization. The process actively removes CO2 and converts it into a reusable, raw material. Founded in 2017, Climeworks currently has fifteen machines in operation.

Blue Ocean CEO Jonathan Ehrenfeld is proud to be a Climeworks partner, explaining, “Each month, our effort as a Climeworks Pioneer allows many kilograms of harmful CO2 to be permanently removed from the air. We are excited to be a part of such an important mission, and supporting the great things Climeworks aims to accomplish for our planet. We are aware that the nature of our own company, which requires travel, contributes to emissions and we are thrilled to have found a way to actively offset our overall carbon footprint.”