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Team Members Come Together for “Blue Ocean in Motion”

Team members from across the Blue Ocean Investments portfolio gathered once more for an incredible day of fun, food, and friendly competition at the Reisterstown Sports Complex.

To get into the competitive spirit, team members took to the field for games of football, soccer, kickball, and softball. For those who preferred a slightly more relaxed pace, there were board games, ice skating, and great food for all to enjoy. We love bringing our team together in amazing ways, and it was great to have time outside the office to come together for such an exciting day!

When the activities were over and the day was coming to an end, there were three teams that took home medals.

3rd place taking home Bronze was the Purple Team:
Shaakirah Muhammad
Sierra Bailey
Donte Austin, Jr.
Hope Lavenstein
Malkah Lavian

2nd place taking home Silver was the Orange Team:
Ethan Frey
Shawn Cowles
Monique Williams
Marie Spearman
Nicole Parker

1st place taking home Gold was the Pink Team:
Katie Hollis
Ben Miller
Nikki Venable
Jon Rutman
Tivonne Harris

We are fortunate to have a tight-knit group of people working every day to make Blue Ocean a wonderful place to work and serve the community. Hard work pays off and seeing the team unwind and enjoy activities, food, and each other’s company is a reward in itself. 

We’re already looking forward to the next “Blue Ocean in Motion” team event!