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Blue Ocean Partners with Liberty Community Development Corporation in Community Outreach Efforts
08 Jan 2019

Our Blue Ocean team concluded another successful year of giving back to our remarkable community, in recent partnership with Liberty Community Development Corporation (LCDC). The event was very significant, because of our ability to assist such a great organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for our local community citizens. It was a very meaningful day to our volunteers and they were delighted to be part of an event that makes a lasting impact.

LCDC continuously provides members of our community with book scholarships, mentoring to middle and high-school students, education on tobacco use and sexually transmitted infections, summer youth enrichment, school supplies, and food to over 10,000 youth and 2,000 families in Central Maryland. Their vision, “Whole is Our Goal.”, is one of the many reasons why we couldn’t be more grateful to lend a hand to this devoted organization. We believe that to achieve greatness, we must create exceptional value in and around our communities, wherever possible.

So, on Thursday, December 20th, several Blue Ocean team members volunteered their time helping set up and hand out food and fresh produce to 100 families in need at LCDC’s Pantry Giveaway Day held at Set the Captives Free Outreach Center in Windsor Mill, MD. Blue Ocean also made a generous donation towards their new refrigerated truck that can transport far more food than they could previously with their older van. We encourage you to visit their website and connect with them on social to learn more about how you get involved and make an impact alongside their amazing organization!

LCDC does incredible work and we thoroughly enjoyed helping make a difference in the lives of people in our community – it truly takes teamwork to make the dream work! And, while that’s a wrap for 2018, we can’t wait to see what greatness 2019 has in store for Blue Ocean and for those in our Baltimore community.

Here’s to yet another successful “giving back” day for our Blue Ocean team!

Liberty Community Development Corporation was founded in 2003 by Dr. Karen Bethea. This organization exists to provide and assist with community redevelopment and revitalization as well as to provide programs to enhance the lives of the residents in Central Maryland.


Plans for their new O.W.E Center include developing a center to house programs and services, providing a “one-stop shop” approach to increasing the quality of life in the community. The heartof LCDC is to give back what they O.W.E., Outreach, Worship and Education.