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Blue Ocean Team Goes to Camden Yards: A Day of Baseball and Bonding

Breaking away from the daily grind, the Blue Ocean and Ehrenfeld Companies teams embarked on an exciting journey to Camden Yards on August 10th. With the Baltimore Orioles facing off against the Houston Astros, this outing promised not only a thrilling baseball match but also a chance for team members to connect and unwind.

Among the buzzing crowd, a few of our team members, Kenneth Jennings, Katie Hollis, and Jenny Portillo, experienced their very first baseball game. Their infectious excitement set the tone for an afternoon filled with new experiences and shared joy.

Decked out in team colors, the Blue Ocean crew cheered passionately for the Baltimore Orioles, who won the game with a 5-4 score. As the game unfolded, cheers and laughter echoed through the stands, fostering a sense of togetherness and camaraderie. Beyond the game, the outing served as a platform for team members to strengthen their connections. Conversations flowed and friendships deepened, solidifying Blue Ocean team unity.