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BlueCares Pleased to Support Soccer Without Borders

Photo Credit: Soccer Without Borders

We believe in the power of soccer! And, those behind Soccer Without Borders share that sentiment. Their mission is to “use soccer as a vehicle for positive change, providing underserved youth with a toolkit to overcome obstacles to growth, inclusion, and personal success.” In short, they want to create belonging through education, community, and their favorite sport. This mission has inspired BlueCares to make a donation that will further enrich the lives that this fantastic organization touches.

Making kids happy through a fun sport is always an admirable mission, but it’s also Soccer Without Border’s culture that really stands out. The organization has a set of mantras that foster themes of diversity, peer support, happiness, and more. This is truly an organization that celebrates the pass more than the goal, and recognizes that you play your best when you’re smiling and part of a great team!

We hope the values and mission of Soccer Without Borders resonate with you as it does with us. They could benefit from even more support in the form of donations, fundraising, and merchandise purchases. You can enrich the lives of athletes around the world!