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Congrats To Our 2018 Blue Ocean Olympics Medal Winners!
27 Feb 2018

At Blue Ocean, we love sharing good news, and there was a bunch of it over the past couple of weeks! In the spirit of the Winter Olympics season, we hosted our very own Blue Ocean Olympics. We have a bunch of winners to announce, so let’s get to it!

Starting off, we have a double gold medal winner – for the first time in the history of the Blue Ocean Olympics (oh wait, this is the first-ever Blue Ocean Olympics)!

Brianna from Rosemont took care of things in a hurry, processing an application with a 48-hour move-in (and, Brianna wasn’t done… more from her to follow!)

Nadia from The Falls, also took home Blue Ocean Olympic gold, as she processed an approved application with a 48-hour move-in!

Moving on, Chris Handy (and his team) from Reisterstown Square closed out 11 tickets in less than 24 hours and turned over 2 units – and he was down 2 maintenance technicians! His performance was so great, we actually played the Olympic theme song for him!

Gabby and Sharon
Next up, Sharon Handler and Gabby Smith won their gold medals for processing an application with a 48-hour move-in!

And we’re back again to Brianna, who with Shadae won the gold for the best customer service moment (isn’t this picture cuteness overload?!)  You can read the letter that was delivered to the office last week below:

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