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Helpful Tips for Moving In to Your Next Apartment
15 Nov 2017

It is exciting to move into a new apartment, but the moving process itself is rarely a treat. More often it is a chore, demanding that you get organized quickly in order to take all of your belongings from one place to the next. If you aren’t ready when moving day arrives, what should be an exciting occasion can quickly turn into a nightmare.

With that in mind, we would like to offer some helpful moving tips to take the stress out of this challenge. We hope the advice below will set you on the right path toward a clean and uneventful move into your next Baltimore apartment.

Cut the Fat

Long before you move, you can start to trim out a variety of possessions which no longer have a place in your life. We all have them – do you really need those old t-shirts that you haven’t worn in a few years? Or that extra set of dishes that never comes out of the cabinets? You don’t have to throw away things you actually need, but be smart and think about what you want to keep and what would be better off going away. Remember, if you decide to keep something, you are going to have to move it. Just that thought alone might cause you to think twice on some of your possessions.

One or Two Key Boxes

You don’t need to have access to most of your items during the first day or two after your move. It will probably be fine to pick up food from a restaurant instead of cooking, for example, and you won’t need access to every single piece in your wardrobe. However, you will need to have a place to sleep, you’ll need your toiletries, and perhaps some of your electronics (especially if you need them for work). With this in mind, pack up a couple of boxes which contain nothing other than the essential items you will want to access right away when moving day is complete. Be sure to place these boxes in a spot where they will be easy to find when you need them most.

Label, Label, Label

One of the most important things you can do when packing up all of your items is to label the boxes so they can wind up in the right place during the moving process. Instead of trying to list everything that is inside, opt to just label the box with the room where it should land. This will be particularly helpful if you have some friends or family help you with the move, as they won’t know exactly what to do with your stuff unless the boxes are labeled.

Get Started!

Perhaps the best tip you can receive when getting ready to move is simply to get started as soon as possible. There never seems to be enough time available when a move is on the horizon, so give yourself a fighting chance by putting the wheels in motion as soon as you know that you’ll be relocating. With proper planning and attention to detail, your move can be successful and drama-free.