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Supporting the Ronald McDonald House of Baltimore
22 Dec 2017

Blue Ocean continues its spirit of caring, this time by supporting the Ronald McDonald House of Baltimore. This amazing charity has been active since 1974 and has helped millions of families with sick children find comfort and support across 64 countries and regions around the globe. By enabling families to access specialized medical treatment locations by providing a place to stay at little or sometimes no cost, the Ronald McDonald House (RMHC) allows children to have access to the best care. This also allows families to focus on the health of their children, rather than cooking, cleaning or grocery shopping. This year alone, RMHC has helped lessen the burden and make a difference for more than 5.5 million families, including many right here in Baltimore!

This time of year can be especially hard for families staying at the home, so Blue Ocean team members, along with property team members, decided to surprise each of the families with special goody bags complete with fun gifts for the children and their parents.  We also wrote over 100 notes of support and encouragement to include in each of the bags.  Per the home’s director, “It’s such a wonderful treat for the families to see their cubbies filled with goodies when they come back from the hospital- it really brightens their day!”

About Blue Ocean

Located in Baltimore, Blue Ocean Realty is active in syndicating and managing commercial real estate assets in the multifamily, office, retail and industrial sectors. The Company was founded in 2004. Since that time Blue Ocean has grown its portfolio to 45 properties valued at over $300,000,000. The Blue Ocean portfolio consists of nearly 3,500 apartment homes and approximately 2,000,000 square feet of commercial space.