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The Team Comes Together for Fun, Food, and Competition

In May, Blue Ocean and Ehrenfeld Companies (eCos) team members enjoyed a friendly battle at the annual company field day, Blue Ocean in Motion at the Wonderfly Arena in Timonium.

The team engaged in all sorts of games, some with more relaxed competition to others with fast-paced action. The adrenaline junkies of the team went head-to-head in bubble ball soccer, arrow tag, hamster ball relay races, and blacklight dodgeball. We’re not sure if the competitors or the spectators had more fun, and seeing one another bouncing around in huge inflatable balls was a sight to behold.

For the team members who wanted relaxed competition, there was plenty to do – virtual reality, giant Jenga, cornhole, and basketball hoops were among the activities, and If you think a foot-tall game of Jenga is stressful, imagine a giant tower!

We love to show our appreciation for everything our hard-working team members do every day. It was a breath of fresh air to let loose with such a fun experience while supporting one another through friendly competition.